We are your engineering partners for design, rental and sales.
We provide technical assistance and design for construction, industry and public events.

About Us

CMW Engineering operates mainly as a partner for the design, rental and sales of structures and scaffolding of all kinds.

We build temporary structures (as well as permanent structures when required) for both private and industrial use, for maintenance purposes, as well as coverings and stages for public events. We resolve project-specific issues using, when possible, standard materials with special configurations to provide the best quality-price solutions as quickly as possible.

We have over 50 years of experience acting as agents for specialized producers in the sector. We are also now acting as direct suppliers of products and related services, balancing the needs of the client and suppliers to find the most suitable and economically feasible solutions.

Our Mission

Resolve complicated and specific problems through the use of standard components to minimize cost and assembly times.

Find simple, rapid and rational solutions with our eye always on the objective. Ensure the balance of required security margins and the planned use of the completed structure through its foreseen functional life cycle.

Re-evaluation and re-planning processes and procedures as needed in the case of “unforeseen” events, through an initial accurate analysis and calculation of probability of occurrence of such events, to not negatively impact the final results.

Involve and motivate all parties involved, eliminating any “ideological barriers” between clients, suppliers and collaborators and ensuring that all participants feel like being part of a Team with a common goal, while stimulating all members to realize the importance of the contribution, independent from their specific role.


“Innovation”? For Americans, the idea of ​​innovation is intrinsically linked to the search of the “passion of the explorer” within the company. For us it is not enough. The “passion” is that of a child exploring the world and having fun playing with it.

As for a child our work is a “serious game” that makes us extremely focused on what we are doing and, in that instant, it takes priority. Find quick and rational ideas to solve problems is not enough … if the same problems reappear it’s an opportunity to search for a new solution, better than the previous ones, in a never ending process, but which is the basis of human evolution.

Experience is a cultural background but should not become a constraint, as it is for those who are “lazily” satisfied by what they already know.


Working plans of scaffoldings and structures in support of any kind of use. Availability of architecs and engineers for supervisions of works plans and relatives files c/o surveyor’s departements. Carryng out POS, PIMUS and any document connected with safety.

Technical assistance

Tehcnical assistence and skiled workes for erection of structures helped by the support given to the unskiled unskilled laboursof the buyer during the first fase of the work.


Supply of scaffoldings and epiquements at special conditions of hire and redemibile hire included the training to make easier following user in autonomy.


Direct sale, also abroad, of construction equipment, lifts, lifts for the disabled, hoists, cranes, bridge cranes, etc.