“CMW Engineering is satisfied for having contributed to the creation of this park! In collaboration with Coop Rifredi Firenze and Carco Sales & Logistics S.r.l “First they learn to play then they will call them” obstacles “when they grow up … but they don’t stop playing!””

MAGNIFICI 2013 Shirt

I Magnifici di Firenze is a team of Rugby XIII, consisting mainly of rugby union in Florence and Tuscany, helped by a few friends over the Grand Duchy. Participating in the national championship of excellence with the aim of establish itself as a major shareholding in the Italian panorama of this spectacular sport. The team is named after Lorenzo De Medici, called “Il Magnifico”, a Renaissance character who was driving Florence in its moment of greatest splendor.


“Plantago was born in the town of Montespertoli by the will of a group of people gathered around a common goal: to give back, with its commitment to workers and artists, dignity and right value to get creative. In these difficult times, finding it too often barred the doors to knowledge, many individuals have turned away from life participation. Plantago want to reverse this trend and help to restore confidence in human actions.”

San Godenzo

San Godenzo Amateur soccer team that participates in the local league First Category.

Fondazione Fabrizio Meoni

“The Foundation Fabrizio Meoni non-profit organization was founded by the will of the “Solidarity in Good Hands” and many Fabrizio’s friends, a decision ratified by the Assembly of the Association in September 2006. Two years dotted with numerous initiatives to commemorate the outstanding figure of Fabrizio Meoni have necessitated a quantum leap; The Foundation is designed to strengthen a national and international level the memory of the man, the sportsman, the sample of solidarity. To give more power to those who believed and still believe a great example of man and sportsman, in their desire to actively remember the friend by promoting many initiatives and activities. After a long and complex legal and bureaucratic process, the Foundation was established in Arezzo on 22 May 2007. The Foundation has been recognized and therefore entitled to operate as a National Foundation by the Prefecture of Arezzo with official note of November 5, 2007. The Regional Tax Office of Tuscany, in a memorandum dated August 1, 2007, announced that the Foundation was registered in the list of unique non-profit organization of Tuscany.”