CMW Engineering is specialized in design, supply and assembly assistance of supplementary steel and aluminum structures for all kinds of uses: construction and complex restoration projects, naval and industrial sites, stages and towers for shows and public events.
We also have personnel dedicated to design, finishing and interior design.


Working plans of scaffoldings and structures in support of any kind of use. Availability of architecs and engineers for supervisions of works plans and relatives files c/o surveyor’s departements. Carryng out POS, PIMUS and any document connected with safety.

Technical assistance

Tehcnical assistence and skiled workes for erection of structures helped by the support given to the unskiled unskilled laboursof the buyer during the first fase of the work.


Supply of scaffoldings and epiquements at special conditions of hire and redemibile hire included the training to make easier following user in autonomy.


Direct sale, also abroad, of construction equipment, lifts, lifts for the disabled, hoists, cranes, bridge cranes, etc.

Industrial worksites

Design and installation of scaffolding and service structures for the construction and maintenance of industrial, chemical, shipbuilding and Oil & Gas plants. Particular experience has been gained in high-capacity structures and in access / evacuation stairs.


Use of standard components to create single / double / multi pitch roofs for industrial, naval, building or public entertainment applications. Waterproofing is guaranteed by fireproof PVC sheets of 650 gr / m2 superimposed in “tiles ways” modes and connected with an innovative system specifically designed and built on the basis of the CMW patent.

“Innovative” traditional construction

Thanks to the integrated use of the multidirectional scaffolding with any other type of scaffolding, we realize with extreme rapidity and effectiveness structures capable of withstanding the loads required by regulations, guaranteeing maximum usability and functionality to the laborers employed with minimal aesthetic impact on the landscape and people not involved in the work.

Stages and structures for public events

We offer support to public and private organizzations for the design of both permanent and temporary theaters and stages and related service structures for artists, audiences, sound and lighting systems. Possibility of “turnkey” supply for fairs and exhibitions setting up.

Interior design

Architectural interior design, design of finishes, furnishings and accessories in the residential, commercial and for both permanent and temporary accommodation facilities. Ability to equally provide the only design, supply of necessary raw materials or the supply and installation through external proven ability laborers with which there are ongoing working relationships.

Handling Movement

Decades of experience in the construction of high-capacity structures for the transport and handling of loads where it is not possible to access by external means. Rapid preliminary design and special accessories are our strengths.

3D structures and special applications

Spatial structures created both for building uses and for events and shows of international importance. The exchange of information with those who will use or make use of the work is of fundamental importance, in order to perform a proper design and minimize the “variations in progress”.

Curved structures

Geometric approximation of circular structures by creating polygonal constructions through the use of standard rectilinear components in the 3 axes. Maximum attention is paid to the reduction of the compensation sections and coseguente weight minimization.

Shoring Structures

Study and realization of self-supporting structures suitable to the support of unsafe buildings or temporary shoring of elements to be replaced, guaranteeing maximum safety for the laborers employed.

We also provide the following services:

  • Estimates and technical consultancy
  • Structural inspections on scaffolding
  • Project design with the support of architects and engineers
  • Creation of operational security measures and plans
  • Permit requests
  • Document presentation and registration with appropriate boards and institutions (DIA, Civil Engineering Office, etc.)
  • Availability of professionals for Work Management, Security Officer, etc.