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Singularity University – Panorama
Entrevista con Marco Calvelli (Fundador)

«L’Impresa», il mensile di management del Gruppo 24 Ore
Entrevista con Marco Calvelli (Fundador)

Restauración de techos y frescos Basílica de la Natividad – Belén (Palestina)
Recordando el aniversario de los 50 años de actividad de la familia Calvelli – Navidad 2011
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From the «stars» to the «stalls» …. or the other way around!?

The last few months have been particularly intense and busy for CMW Engineering as we have executed two very important projects: the setup of the finish area structures at the UCI-Road World Championships held in Florence September 22-29 as well as the design and setup of scaffolding for the restoration of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem Palestine. In these days we are working on the second phase of this project…

Arezzo: The Pope’s first pastoral visit of 2012
For most of May CMW Engineering was engaged in the assembly of the structure used for the Pope’s first pastoral visit of 2012. The event took place on Sunday, May 13 at 10:00 a.m. during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the city of Arezzo. The venue was the city park known as “Il Prato” where the Pope celebrated mass and a recital of the “Queen of Heaven” followed.